AGLIBS 1.0 – Robot with Artificial Intelligence for Soil Analysis in Agriculture

LIBS is NASA’s technique for ground analysis of Mars embedded in the Rover Curiosity (robotic jeep). Embrapa Instrumentação and Agrorobótica developed a robot using the LIBS technique to scale the soil analysis performed in the laboratory.

AGLIBS 1.0 integrates innovative solutions in field sampling georeferencing, soil analysis by LIBS and a platform with artificial intelligence for the quantification models. Currently, it has modules of analysis of Soil Carbon (C); Texture (Sand, Silt and Clay contents) and pH quickly, accurately and without generation of residues. The informations are sent to the farmer with agronomic recommendations through a mobile application, bringing efficiency and economy to the productive sector. It can be used in Agronomic Laboratories, Cooperatives and Retailers and Companies providing Precision Agriculture Services.

This technological solution was developed by Embrapa in partnership with other institutions.


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